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PostSubject: THE WAY OUT---POST BENAZIR MURDER   Sun Dec 30, 2007 1:10 am

Editor: Abid Ullah Jan
The Way Out

Musharraf must resign ....
Friday, December 28, 2007 - 02:35 PM EST Section: The Way Out
For the masses of Pakistan and their political and religious leadership, the way forward is the very basic set of fair demands such as listed below:

a. Musharraf must resign and be made accountable for constitutional violations before a court of law.

b. The 1973 constitution as it stood on 12 October 1999 be restored.

c. The pre November 3 judiciary must be restored and all PCO judges removed.

d. A new neutral and caretaker government and an independent election commission be appointed to hold elections within 3 months.

Perhaps unanimity on a set of demands such as these will work to unify the shattered people and provide a new roadmap for the future.

Political leadership has to come out of their personal aggrandizement mode and put their interests and internal rivalry aside. Otherwise, this last chance would be there forever. Once its lost, we might lose Pakistan as we know it as well.

‘Sacrifice is in the air’
By Amjad Malik
Sacrifice spirit is in the air whilst Muslims of the World are remembering the episode of prophet Ibrahim Khalil Ullah and the obedience of his son Ismail which is celebrated with the similar enthusiasm even after thousands of years. It also entails the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who lay down his life in order to reduce the sufferings and miseries of his disciples and was nailed at a cross by his opponents in command and Jesus left a message of tolerance and forbearance which is remembered by over a billion Christians whilst they celebrate his birthday on Christmas day on the 25th December. There is an other sacrifice where around 70 members of a clan fight the invasion of a tyrant and lay down their lives in order to make a political point that right may be a little in numbers but wins in the end, no other than the sacrifice of the Imam Hussain a grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who at no point allowed his family to come in the way of the drive to take his grandfather’s religion Islam to the heights of glory. And with that sacrifice the martyrs are remembered with zeal and fervour whilst cursing the Yazeed the oppressor. If we look around similar battles are on going in our surroundings, in our hearts and minds and in the streets all around and this is the time that the message of those sacrifices is remembered and the wisdom of those is appreciated befittingly.

What people can do

Pakistan has to be rescued and peace has to be restored. How precisely can the people go about this objective is to accept the new leadership of the civil society: the lawyers, the pre-Nov 3 judges and the rest of the intelligentsia that is joining them. The first demand of the lawyers and many others was to boycott the election. The political parties did not agree to that. Only a few smaller parties are boycotting, including notably the Jamaat-e-Islami. What people can do is to not to vote at all, or to vote in a manner that the pro-regime parties are defeated. The latter can be done either by the destruction of the vote or giving it to any party that promises to support the judiciary's restoration. But voting or refusal to vote will not affect the outcome, since these elections are not likely to be free and fair but "managed."

Re-Inventing the COAS

What should be done? The remedy lies in the five words of wisdom: “Go for the simplest solution.” The incumbent COAS has to re-invent his role as a professional military leader and a progressive forward-looking soldier to give new direction to the armed forces’ place in the future democratic structure of this nation.

This article contains some great suggestions for the Pakistan military to come out of its mercenary role to become an independent army in service of Pakistan and Paksitani nation. However, for the military generals following these suggestions amount shooting themselves in the foot if not committing outright suicide. Since the political arena is still full of corrupt hyienas, even a sincere general would give a second thught to leaving the field open to the robbers and plunderers in the name of democracy. But the good work must begin from somewhere. Someone has to bececome the first drop of the much needed upcomig rain. If not the present COAS, then some future one will have to follow this suggestion, but there is no way out. The option is choosing between the listed options and demise of Pakistan as we know it.

Pakistan: misgovernance to meltdown

The absence of legitimate mechanisms for the transfer of power in Pakistan has never been so manifest [Pervez Musharraf's replacement by General Ashfaq Kiyani (if that much-rumoured event indeed occurs) would only prolong the crisis, besides adding one more episode to a recurrent pattern. What Pakistan needs is something more fundamental: removal of the emergency's draconian laws, restoration of judicial independence and reinstatement of sacked judges, an end to curbs on the media, and the restoration of the 1973 constitution - followed by elections under the auspices of an independent election commission and untainted by intelligence agencies.

This is the minimum Pakistanis deserve. When they do, and restore a minimum of democracy and civil society to their national life, the next stage will be to examine the deeper causes of the misgovernance that has plagued them for so long.

"If peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable" -- President John Kennedy.

Pakistan's problems start at the top
In the short term, Pakistan's current political crisis may be managed by having Musharraf resign -- both as president and as head of the army. And before he does so, he must also restore the judiciary and constitution, lift the curbs on the media, free all political prisoners and set up a caretaker government. These are the necessary conditions for holding free and fair elections

The Answer in Pakistan

Every day that Gen. Pervez Musharraf refuses to reverse his imposition of martial law and restore Pakistan's constitution brings another round of disturbing reports -- lawyers beaten, journalists arrested, mass protests for democracy crushed -- and another day of embarrassment for the military government's foreign backers. The Bush administration's aims of securing support for the "war on terror" and stability for a nuclear power will continue to be right, but as a nation of 160 million people rapidly frays under repression, it will only become more obvious that military dictatorship is not the answer.

Freedom is Our Right not Privilege

We are not chained by the General and his group of chore comanders. We are still reeling under colonialism, which never eneded in 1947. That was British strategic withdrawal. With the help of the Wrold Bank, IMF, WTO, UN and all its agencies, and our own military we are recolonized in the best way the new world ruling state - the USA - could. The mercenary generals are only perpetuating de facto colonization. Liberation from its clutches this time will be real liberation because the tyranny has emplyed all the tools it could use to strangle the humanity. See: The Ultimate Tragedy for more details.

US could face Iran like situation in Pakistan'
Friday, November 09, 2007 - 05:05 AM EST Section: The Way Out
It is too mild to say "could face." Pakistan is already facing Iran like situation. US support for the tyrannical regime has crossed all limits as well as its support to bring back and impose another corrupt and formerly two times deposed "leader." Public rage is at the tipping point. It is easy for the Western commentators to subscribe the unrest and resistance in parts of the country to the myth of al-Qaeda, but the truth is that the limits to bearing with dictatorship, loot and plunder at the top and serving colonial interests have reached. Pakistanis are in search of a Khomeini. Hardly to find one at the moment, chaos would deepen and the bloody revolution will spread to the rest of the country. The bloodshed in Pakistan will for sure be far greater in proportion to the bloodshed we witnessed in Iran, when the US ignored will of the masses and tried to imposed its will through one man.

Read more... (4026 bytes more) Post comments

U.S. Senate Resolution Demands Reinstatement of All Persecuted Judges of Pakistan
Thursday, November 08, 2007 - 09:05 PM EST Section: The Way Out
On November 8, 2007, General Musharraf and the Government of Pakistan announced that parliamentary elections would be held by February 15, 2008, which must be held by January 15, 2008 in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan, and that General
Musharraf would relinquish his position as Chief of the Army prior to being illegally sworn in as illegal President.

(1) Stop the U.S. Aid to the illegal Musharraf Tyranny: U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy

(2) Western Leaders Blast the illegal Military Martial Law of Tyrant Musharraf

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