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 Islam-general spirit

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PostSubject: Islam-general spirit   Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:24 am

Islam teaches tolerance of other faiths to the extent that forcible conversion of non-muslims to Islam is completely forbidden. Following verses of Holy Quran stand in ample testimony to this claim
La ikraha fid-diney qad tabayye-nur-rushdey
There is no conversion in religion if a person has an aversion.
Lakum dino-kum-waliye-Din
Everbody has his own religion & others are not allowed to interfere.
There is no discrimination between Muslims & non-Muslims in a Muslim State. Though it is obligatory upon Muslims to defend their territory against foreign aggression; yet non-Muslims are at liberty to enlist/ not enlist in the state army by contributing a nominal amount towards defence expenditure.Every citizen in a Muslim State is supposed to follow the code of conduct existing in his own religion, and would be penalised accordingly for the occurrence of crime on his part.

There would be no discrimination between a Muslim & non-muslim citizens on the basis of the faiths they are holding, as both would enjoy Fundamental Rights (including the right of expression & other rights) equally. All citizens would be at liberty in going to their respective places of worship indiscriminately & would have all the socio-political liberties at par with Muslims in an Islamic State. State would be responsiible to provide means of livelihood to all citizens, and to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter to its entire citizenry.

Armed aggression against any religious community, group, or State is completely forbidden, though compulsory military service during Jihad would be obligatory for all Muslims when the state is invaded by aggressors. Life & property of non-muslim citizens would be protected by the Muslim army after getting a paltry sum for defraying the defence expenditure. Islam forbids the Muslim army to inflict an injury/kill women, children, aged members from the household of invaders, and non-combatants ; simultaneosuly forbidding destruction of life , property, and crops in the land of aggressors. It also stresses that fugitives & desertors from the invading army be allowed to escape, and should on no account be killed.

Law & Order would be State responsibility, because Islam believes in peace, and doesn't tolerate violence/ restlessness in Society. Origin of the word Islamis Salaamti i.e peace and protection. Few instances of deviation from these instructions could not be treated as synonymous with Islamic teachings; because Islam is a code of conduct whereas Muslims are individuals and hence fallible. Jameel Zaidi
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Islam-general spirit
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